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Why Flash Frozen is a Better Choice


A flash frozen fresh caught fish is like a melting ice cube. The freshness quality can not be improved. It can only be maintained in the proper environment and temperature.   


Of course, sourcing your seafood straight from your own fishing pole to the grill is the best, but most of us fish lovers have to rely on  fishermen and distributors to bring us fish and it is in this process we trust that we are getting the highest quality of seafood for our families.


Would you be surprised to hear us tell you that apart from catching your own fish, fresh fish from the market is usually the inferior choice to flash frozen fish at sea?

The quality of the fish you eat is directly related to the proper handling of the fish all the way from sea to your plate.  It is best to freeze a freshly caught fish as quickly as possible and hold it at the appropriate temperature.   If a fish is frozen slowly, the mostly water composition of the fish can expand, which can ruin the cellular structure resulting in a mealy textured fish. 


Flash freezing is a process in which fish are blast frozen at extremely low temperatures (-40F) to freeze the whole fish in a matter of seconds.   Flash freezing captures the fish at it's peak of perfection.  It also helps a frozen fish to resist freezer burn for a much longer shelf life.  Properly frozen, stored, and thawed fish will be virtually indistinguishable from fresh to all but the most discerning palates.


The home frost free freezer is not the best place to store frozen fish due to the regular thawing cycle that can wreak havoc on the contents. Did you ever wonder why ice cubes stored in a self defrosting freezer tend to evaporate and/or taste funny? 


Thawing the fish correctly is equally important in order to experience the best quality possible and to minimize any degradation of the fish meat.  Our recommendation is overnight in the refrigerator for a minimum of 8 hours to minimize drip loss and protect flavor, aroma and texture.  It is important to plan your seafood needs carefully to allow sufficient time for thawing.  Thawing  improperly can have a profound effect on the seafood quality. 


The faster you can freeze a freshly caught fish at the temperature it is held at has a direct bearing on the quality.  If a fish is frozen slowly, the opportunity for the mostly water composition of the fish is to expand an ruin the cellular structure is great.  During thawing, the result will be a mushy texture.


Our fish are either flash frozen at sea or top of the catch frozen shore side.  The fish are transported to the processing plant to be gutted and prepared in vacumn sealed packaging for storage until you are ready to consume. Our processing vendor is one family with one mission for over one century. They operate a state of the art processing center and are on the cutting edge of instituting best practices that surpass any inspection program sponsored by the United States Department of Commerce (USDC).   The processing plant is entirely refrigerated and equipped with ozonated chilled spray water.  This water system maintains a temperature of 35 degrees while providing a 99.9% bacteria free product. 


It is our mission to source the highest quality seafood for the lowest possible price and share it with our neighbors in the Mad River Valley.

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