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As a commercial fisherman with over 40 years in the fishing industry, the Skipper has access to some of the freshest fish, which makes Suze and the Skipper pretty spoiled.  Of course, sourcing your seafood straight from your own fishing pole to the grill is the best, but most seafood lovers have to rely on fisherman and distributors to bring us fish and it is in this process we trust that we are getting the highest quality of seafood for our families.


Skipper has loved the ocean his whole life and started commercially fishing 40 years ago.  He is the co-owner  of two 100' Draggers named Megan Marie and Gabby G. He co-captains the Gabby G and is the shore engineer for both boats in addition to the many other hats he wears to keep these vessels ship shape. The primary fisheries for both boats are Whiting, Scup, and Squid. Together, these boats land upwards of 5 million pounds of fish each year.


Suze  has been competitively sailing one design yachts for over 20 years and has over 30 years in professional services experience in IT and business consulting. This combined love of the ocean, seafood, and Mad River Valley have all culminated into bringing quality seafood to the valley at the lowest price possible.


We  have been coming to the valley on and off for over 30 years and have made it our permanent home 4 years ago after wintering here for the prior 5 years.  Our love of the ocean and seafood, might only be surpassed by our love of skiing.


During that time, we have shared fish among our friends in the valley.  Once someone has had great fish it is hard to go back to average.   Friends would tell us we should open a market and sell fish....and so we did.



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