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Meeting your neighbors one fillet at a time

One thing I love about the Mad River Valley is the sense of community you feel everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. Since our opening, I have been meeting my neighbors one fillet at a time, whether stocking up or popping in to say Hi, it has been a steady stream of welcoming, encouraging folks reinforcing our decision to open Sugar Fish VT allowing us to bring quality seafood to the valley at the lowest possible prices.

Welcome to The Fish Wife, an opinionated blog of all good things in the Mad River Valley. I like to think that we in the valley are a savvy bunch that is ever on the look out for the next big thing to hit. There is plenty going on between Warren and Moretown, but the art venues, fashion destinations, food purveyors and restaurants are spread out and often hard to find. Who makes a stunning floral arrangement? Where’s the best wine selection? What’s the go-to salon? We’ll announce the events that matter, the must-have items of the season and tell you where to eat and what to do this weekend.

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